SynCat Researchers Publish Comprehensive Review on Electrocatalysts – Freely Available

September 22, 2016. Foteini Sapountzi, together with Jose Gracia from SynCat@Beijing, and the colleagues from Syngaschem in The Netherlands have published a comprehensive and voluminous review about electrocatalysts for the splitting of water. They discuss electrolysis under alkaline and acid conditions, and at various temperatures, and provide an overview of established and promising new catalysts, plus an assessment of application potential and challenges for further development. The paper is published by the prestigious journal “Progress in Energy and Combustion Science” by Elsevier, which can boast an impact factor of 16.784 and an even higher 5-year based impact factor of 23.634.

Good news: The article is made widely available under ‘open access’ and a PDF version can be downloaded here.

Published on September 26, 2016