SynCat@BJ Laboratory close to completion!

Prof. Hans Niemantsverdriet reports:

“During a recent visit to Synfuels China in July, I had the opportunity to visit our new building. It is impressive to see how hard people have worked and how much has been accomplished. It is only a matter of a few months before the building will be ready. With all the external scaffolding removed, one gets a good impression of what the building will look like, see the photo taken on July 11, 2014.

In a meeting with Drs Jian Xu, Xiaodong Wen, Shuli Yin and Chenghua Zhang and people from building company we discussed in detail the layout of the laboratories. We were all pleased with the plans that we saw, with high quality laboratory infrastructure, and similarly high quality decoration plans for offices and meeting rooms, with ample space throughout the building for informal contacts in a pleasant setting.

I also was so fortunate to be able to stay with family in one of the apartments that Synfuels China has available for the SynCat staff. These comfortable apartments are of truly high quality standard, very spacious, and completely furnished. The size is such that they can easily be shared by three juniors, while a family with children will have more space than they need. Nice for having guests! Also the location in a park-like setting in YangSong – a residential area that is developing rapidly – is attractive. The park has a convenience store, and an excellent restaurant is across the street.

Left photo: The apartment building (background) in the Cineaste Four Seasons Garden, in the YangSong neighborhood of the Huairou District. The apartments are about 4 kilometers away from SynCat@Beijing.
Right photo: One of the three bedrooms in the apartment.

It is our intention to organize a tour to the SynCat@BJ lab and the Cineast Four Seasons Garden Apartments during the next Syngaschem-Synfuels workshop in October, so that all future staff will be able to see where they will work and stay after they moved to the Beijing area.”

Published on August 11, 2014