Prof Yong-Wang Li visits the DIFFER Institute ….

On Friday, September 27, a delegation led by Prof Yong-Wang Li visited Syngaschem BV and the SynCat@DIFFER laboratories in Eindhoven. After a warm welcome, DIFFER Director Richard van de Sanden presented the Institute’s vision and mission, and highlighted Syngaschem’s role in the solar fuels program. Next all Syngaschem Staff members, including the PhD students, presented their work. A visit to the laboratories and a tour through the building completed the visit. Prof Li showed special interested in DIFFER’s accelerator setup, and in the possible use of electrolysis to treat industrial wastewater. The hydrogen that can be generated this way is of course always welcome, but if such treatment could be the basis for remediation then this could be a great advantage over existing technology. Also the SynCat Ac@demy’s program for scientific leadership development, to which Prof Li has contributed in the past, was vividly discussed and considered for future use in China again. In the afternoon the group left for Amsterdam, to fly to Aarhus for a visit to iNano.

… and receives a Honorary Doctorate in Germany

This year the Institute of Energy Process Engineering and Chemical Engineering (IEC) of the Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg celebrated its 100th anniversary, with a conference on Solutions for the Carbon Challenge. At this occasion Prof Yong-Wang Li received an Honorary Doctorate in a special session on October 10, in which he also delivered a special ceremonial address. Many presentations at the conference are available at the website of the TU Freiberg ( We cordially congratulate the IEC with their 100th anniversary and Prof Li with his well-deserved honor.

Photo on the right, above: The delegations from Synfuels China and Syngaschem BV in front of the DIFFER building – 27 september 2019
Photo on the left, below: Richard van de Sanden presents the DIFFER philosophy

Published on October 17, 2019