Syngaschem Electrolysis Article hits 100 citations in 3 years

A review article published in January 2017 by a team from Syngaschem Eindhoven and SynCat@Beijing, with Foteini Sapountzi as first and corresponding author has attracted 100 citations by the end of 2019, according to the ISI Web of Science. This notable achievement makes it officially a “Highly Cited Paper,” meaning that it belongs to the top 1% best referenced articles in the engineering field. The paper appeared in the open access category of Elsevier’s journal Progress in Energy and Combustion Science (Impact Factor 26.467) and is freely available for everyone who is interested, which may well have contributed to its popularity. We cordially congratulate Foteini and the other authors with the success of this apparently much appreciated review of electrocatalysts for water splitting.

Published on December 18, 2019