Nature Communications publishes article by Syngaschem BV

Today, Nature Communications (Impact factor: 11.878) has published an article by Kees-Jan Weststrate and his team from SynCat@DIFFER about a study of the mechanism of the Fischer-Tropsch reaction on a cobalt single crystal model system. The article is available online with open access.

“Mechanistic insight into carbon-carbon bond formation on cobalt under simulated Fischer-Tropsch synthesis conditions”

C. J. (Kees-Jan) Weststrate, Devyani Sharma, Daniel Garcia Rodriguez, Michael A. Gleeson, Hans O. A. Fredriksson & J. W. (Hans) Niemantsverdriet, Nature Communications 11 (2020) Article number: 750

SynCat@DIFFER, Syngaschem BV, De Zaale 20, 5612 AJ, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Dutch Institute for Fundamental Energy Research (DIFFER), De Zaale 20, 5612 AJ, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
SynCat@Beijing, Synfuels China Technology Co. Ltd., Leyuan South Street II, No. 1, Huairou District, 101407, Beijing, China

Crucial outcome of this work is the proof that the presence of adsorbed CO stabilizes reaction intermediates that form C-C-bonds at a high rate, which is underpinned by meticulous mapping of model reaction steps taking place on a model surface, namely Co(0001). Given the high levels of CO under the operation conditions of the process, this may be a step forward in understanding real-life Fischer-Tropsch catalysis.

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To investigate the effect of high CO-coverage experimentally, ambient pressure XPS has been used at the HIPPIE beamline of the Max-IV laboratory in Lund, Sweden.

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Congratulations to Kees-Jan and his co-workers and collaborator for this outstanding achievement!

Published on February 6, 2020